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We offer alternative administrative assistance in place of costly legal services to inmates facing parole board hearings and their appeals. Our clients benefit by using our services to perform the clerical administrative work that does not require an attorney. My Freedom Services is engaged subsequent to the completion of the Judicial Sentencing Process, in preparation for the Parole Hearing process.


Our Services

Initial Family Member Consultation
We provide an initial no fee telephone consultation  of  inquiry with a family member of the inmate to assess inmate’s needs.

Initial Inmate Prison Visit
Our Inmate Relations Consultant and Case Worker will visit  the inmate in the facility  to introduce our services  and establish the understanding for the parole board appearance preparation.

Parole Board Package Preparation
A joint compilation of documents including  personal background, history, court records, letters of support  and potential employment post release is prepared as a Parole Board Submission Package.

Monitoring Submissions to Prisons to Meet Deadlines
Our office will remain in constant contact throughout the period of engagement with the correctional facilities, in preparation for the inmate’s parole appearance.

Resources For Inmate's Family